All About the Video Editing Equipment

Video editing has become a very important part of life. Most specifically, a web master cannot ignore it now that video online marketing is very trendy. To succeed in this form of marketing, you require video editing equipment. Finding one is not a problem because you can do the shopping online. The biggest challenge you are likely to experience is making the best choice. Most first time buyers experience some difficulties that you can prevent. If you are looking to buy any equipment, chances are that you want a computer software program.This is latest technology and it is diverse. In other words, there are very many programs meant for editing videos and movies. Before you can choose any of them, try evaluating your needs. You will most likely consider the following basic requirements. A camera comes first because you need to do filming to make videos. If you are not a professional in photography, all you require is a good camera, HD style if possible. These are available on the Internet especially at Amazon, and they do not cost a lot of money.Well, if you will be filming yourself, a camcorder seems to be the best choice you have. As soon you get a perfect camera, then you have to get a laptop or a computer. Do not get just any machine. A powerful style is much more likely to support your video editing works for a long time. With a camera and a computer, you can go to the next step. This involves choosing the best video editing software program available today. There are both open source and software programs for sale.In addition, there are simple products meant for beginners and other complex styles for professionals. Therefore, you have to be sure of your abilities. Further, you have to identify your editing needs. Do you film a lot and so you have lots of editing work to do on a daily basis? Probably you own a company which you have created a website for and want to upload videos to it. In short, you have to analyze your needs first before you can choose a program. Another thing you cannot rule out at this point would be proper research. It can reveal top video editing equipment producers available today. Are you wondering how?People who were once in your position are kind enough to write product reviews. Your only job is reading them carefully before you can spend any money. Even free editing software items are not necessarily without problems. The only way to find out their nature is from reading other peoples stories. As you might discover in your search, big companies such as Microsoft have free movie-making programs.There are other giants in the same industry that your research will reveal to you. What you will be doing with the video editing equipment of your choice is cutting, pasting, saving, and burning files to DVDs and so on. You require a computer video edit controller as well. It functions by controlling playback and it as well records VCRs through a unique protocol. The only thing you have to ensure is that this controller is compatible with every other device.

Online Economics Degree – The Job Opportunities It Opens Up

If you are interested in the way people choose to use certain resources in order to produce various goods as well as services, then the best program to take is an online economics degree. The work of an economist varies depending on the sector he is working on.Generally, they are into research and into the analysis of economics. They can work in finance and government organizations as well as in academics. They conduct research on certain issues like energy costs, employment levels, business cycles, inflation, exchange rates, taxes and interest rates.Economists are trained to think critically and analytically in order to solve complex problems. It is for this reason that universities and institutions offering an online Economics degree program aim to prepare their students for high paying positions either in government or business sectors.Matter of fact, after receiving education and training from an accredited online school, you can land in a job in various facets of the business world such as in mining, insurance, banking, retailing and manufacturing.For those who want to enter into a master’s degree program in Business Administration, an Economics degree is one of the best majors to consider. This is because an economics degree can help you develop certain skills which business schools are looking for. Furthermore, a degree in Economics is considered as one of the most ideal preparations for law school.A career in economics has gone a long way throughout the years. These days, at a time of economic globalization, small to large firms continuously hire economists. Most large firms have large divisions that are dedicated for economic research. For smaller firms, they hire economists for planning, forecasting and finance.An online Economics degree has become a global phenomenon with its rising popularity. Many people now see economics as the most suitable field in finding a promising career with good pay and security. You can even specialize in certain areas of economics. This includes industrial economics, financial economics, labor economics, international economics, public finance economics and from microeconomics to macroeconomics.Industrial economics deal with the study of economics on specific industries while looking at the number of monopolies, competitors as well as market decisions of firms. Financial economics is the study of changing interest rates. International economics also look into exchange rates but they also study international markets and tariffs.Labor economics focus on the determination of wages as well as the demand & supply of labor. When it comes to public finance, it is the study of how the government affects the economy such as with budget deficits, tax cuts and welfare policies. As for microeconomics and macroeconomics; microeconomics deals with the supply & demand for firms and individuals while macroeconomics focus on history trends which are for forecasting future inflation, unemployment and various other economic trends.An online Economics degree can provide you with the knowledge as well as the training that can help you succeed in various related fields. It is different from online finance degree programs because it primarily focuses on monetary resources. This means, an economics degree program is more focused on diverse resources like land, labor, raw materials and machinery. When you graduate, the coursework narrows down to specific areas of economics.With a bachelor’s degree, you can land in entry level positions such as administrative, sales and research assistant positions for consulting firms, research organizations or government sectors. However, with a master’s degree, you can qualify for administrative and research positions. For higher economics positions, you would need a PhD. Thus, the career training would involve econometrics, computer science, macroeconomics, history of economic thought, microeconomics, statistics, sampling theory and survey design as well as mathematics & statistics.The thing is – with a background in economics, there are more job opportunities. Economists with bachelor degrees are paid $36,000++ per year as a starting rate. Those with master’s degrees usually get paid around $44,000++ annually as a starting offer while PhD’s are mostly offered with $53,000++ a year.If you don’t get a job in scientific, management and even technical consulting services after graduating from an online Economics degree program, there are other options such as being a financial analyst, market analyst, purchasing manager or public policy consultant. Then again, with a specialized knowledge in any secondary area you will most likely get the best career opportunities.

Same Day Approval – 3 Things All Banks Need

Banks love it when the finance manager at your local dealership sends them a complete package for a loan approval. The truth of the matter is when the bank receives all of your documents up front they are more likely to approve your loan. Keep in mind if you have all of your financial information in hand it will make you appear to be more credit worthy.The first piece of information that everyone will be looking for is your pay stub. Your pay stub will provide them with very important information in regards to your financial stability. The most important thing on your stub is your year to date total. Regardless of what your hourly rate of pay is your year to date will be used to determine how much money you make per month. Keeping in mind that majority of the special finance banks will not count the overtime you have worked but for those who will it may help you qualify for loans you otherwise would not. Make sure to take your most current month’s worth of pay stubs with you to the dealership or bank. If you’re self employed then take your last two years of tax returns and your last three months worth of bank statements. Having your W2 or tax return with you would be a smart idea. Special finance banks are requiring the dealership to fax them ahead of time on most deals now.The second thing you will need to make sure to take with you is proof of your residence. This should be a home phone or cell phone bill if available. Other things that may work can be any utility bill that you may have. The point here is to make sure the address on your bill matches your application, your driver license, and your pay stub. If you don’t have any of those things than try taking a bank statement with you if it has been mailed to your home because a computer’s print out won’t work. Take two pieces of mail with you that have been dated with in the last 30 days because some banks require two proofs of residence.Thirdly you will need to provide the bank with references. The industry standard has become the banks wanting six references. You will need to provide them with six names of friends or relatives. This list must include their address and phone numbers as well. Keep in mind these are the people they are going to call if you are late on your car payment. Be sure to have six people that do not live with you or each other. All references should live locally if at all possible.There are a few last things you want to make sure to take with you to the dealership. This list includes having your valid state driver’s license. There are only a handful of banks that don’t require that you have a valid driver license to be approved. Please have your current license plate and valid registration when transferring a license plate to the new car. The most often thing forgotten by most people is taking a number to the human resource department of your job. The banks always want to verify your employment. Having the number to the human resource department will make it much easier for them to do so.Buying a car should be a fun time and stress free. If you go to the dealership prepared you will be able to spend more time test driving and less time digging up personal information. Please remember that the more prepared you are the more likely the banks say yes.

Business Education – The Gateway to Global Economy

In today’s day and age, the financial world is abundant with professional opportunities for all the young minds, who aspire to make a career in it, the only criteria being a wide spectrum of knowledge and understanding of this field, gained through formal education and training in business education. Business education reigns supreme, in the race for the title of the most sought after degree program, not only in the country, but also across the globe.Over the years and with the growing demand and popularity of this course, global boundaries have begun to lose their meaning, as students and other aspirants in this field are ready to travel to countries (not necessarily in the vicinity of their own), which have the provision for business courses. Online learning proves to be very beneficial in this scenario and many online business colleges let you virtually travel across boundaries. This further enables them to choose from a wider range of specialisations within the business course they wish to pursue, such as studies in international markets, commerce, executive management, global finances, business law, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, marketing, and stock market. The specialisation courses mentioned above, enjoy majority in terms of popularity as well as course content on a global scale, while there are many more super specialisations as well that a student is still left with to explore.Without a flicker of a doubt, it can be said that almost every college in the United States, Europe, Australia and among the many others, that students undertaking these business courses flock to, today offer business courses and degrees in multiple specialities, catering to interests of both the national as well as international student population. On many levels, these international courses, including the accredited online MBA programs, act as beneficial factors for the students allowing them to gain a considerable amount of international exposure, thereby adding to their understanding and knowledge of the financial arena.Apart from the numerous business courses and degrees offered at the graduate level, the MBA program, Master’s of Business Administration, enjoys the maximum popularity today, all over the world. An MBA course sets a student in a different league, also by acting as the first stepping-stone, in a highly influential financial career with a successful corporation, which is always soon to follow. This course also allows an individual to shift career directions, consistent opportunities for further advancement in their chosen career, and above all a secure career with even larger career earnings.Colleges and universities across the world today, keeping in tune with changing times, offer these business courses, both by means of the traditional on-campus training as well as by means of the online business colleges adopting the latest technology structures. This is to suit the needs of the various profiles of students that apply for these courses year after year. The online course is particularly popular among the working students, who due to various reasons, wish to not put a halt to their career and multitask at the same time; where as the traditional on-campus training is much preferred by the high school graduates who wish to reap the social benefits of education as well, along with the formal training. Most of the information regarding such benefits provided by the colleges and universities are easily available on their websites, which are updated from time to time.As mentioned above, global boundaries are losing their meaning in today’s changing times, which further generates the need for global markets with vested financial as well as business interests in sync with government concerns. This course equips the students with a wide array of knowledge and hands-on experience (with the required internships for certain subjects of study), to be able to understand financial and commerce needs of economies around the world and help adapt them to function in a global economy.

Marketing For Online Business – A Marketing Business Secret

The Internet is the new gold rush for business sales and new forms of online business marketing campaigns are flooding through cyber-space.The problem is identifying the legitimate campaigns from many of the scams doing the rounds. As the International business guru I am often asked by my clients to recommend good quality online marketing secrets.The following is one particular promotion.Marketing for online business a marketing business secret outlines a dynamic new business marketing system that you only pay for once, but continues to pull in customers for up to 4 years or longer?Would a new business marketing system that is blasting all success projections to smithereens interest you? Would it interest you to know that this new business marketing system is so dynamic that hundreds of other credible businesses will promote your business for you at no additional cost to you?Would it interest you to know you can track the progress of this dynamic new business marketing system at the click of a mouse from any computer with internet access from anywhere in the world?Would it excite you to know this business marketing system for multiple different business sectors has achieved greater than projected success in every sector? And that this system is about to be launched globally shortly?How interested would your business clients be, if they didn’t have to spend days or weeks sat around a table brainstorming marketing ideas with a conventional marketing company, only to find out that most of the ideas cost too much to implement and then fail to succeed?This marketing for online business is a marketing business secret. It’s new… It’s very new… And I want the readers of this article to be the first to hear about it.Business Directors and owners regularly pay search engine optimisation (SEO) companies tens of thousands of pounds to get an elusive first page natural ranking on Google and other search engine web sites.As a business growth consultant for numerous businesses I have fired 6 different credible SEO companies in the last 2 years because they failed to achieve better online marketing success than I can achieve myself.All of these six companies informed me it would take between 9 to 18 months to get a Google first page natural ranking. I paid one reputable SEO company £9,000 over 5 months and they never got me a first page Google or any other search engine position.The last SEO Company I fired were retained on a 12 month contract at £30,000 per year. They also promised, but failed to deliver a Google first page listing.Did you know online buyers are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from a business that is positioned on the left hand side of the search engine screen, than from a pay per click or sponsored link on the right hand side of the screen.How many times has one of your clients said, “I wish I could just get a Google first page listing?” Google first page listing has become the Holy Grail for many businesses struggling to achieve online success.Think of the value of a Google first page listing. Now think of the value of multiple Google first page listing. How would you feel if hundreds of other internet businesses found your article so credible they post it on their own business web sites promoting you and your business throughout cyber space?How much value would your business clients place on you if you introduced someone who gets their business listed on multiple high ranking search engine pages in a short time frame? 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An Inside Look at the Importance of a Smile in Sales

If you’re in sales, then you’ve probably heard all sorts of advice, from “don’t oversell” to “focus on solving problems.” However, one of the best pieces of advice that many forget is to smile! After all, your smile is one of the first features people notice about you, and it plays an essential role in the first impression you make. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of a smile in sales (as well as how cosmetic dentistry can help!).

Smile: Your Sale Depends on It!

Knowing your product and knowing your audience are key in sales. However, you don’t get far if your client doesn’t trust you or believe you. That’s why it’s so important to make a good first impression! Here are a few ways a smile can help:

• Smiling is more powerful than you might think – One study found that smiling has the same effect on our brain as $25,000 in cash!

• Smiling communicates your state of mind – Smiling is a non-verbal cue that you are happy to be where you are, that you are confident in your product, and that you are ready and willing to help.

• Smiling creates a ripple effect of positivity – Have you ever seen a friend yawn and done the same? Or seen someone take a sip of water and immediately realized you’re thirsty? Thanks to the mirroring neurons in our brains, we naturally mimic the behavior of those around us.

But What If You Don’t Like Your Smile?

If you don’t like your smile, don’t worry – that’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. Whether you’re struggling with misaligned, misshapen, cracked, or otherwise imperfect teeth, your smile goals aren’t out of reach. The first step? Scheduling an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist. For both my father and myself, providing high-quality, personalized, and judgment-free dentistry is a passion. There’s truly nothing better than seeing someone walk out of our office with a dazzling, confident smile! So, don’t wait to make your dream smile a reality – it could make all of the difference when it comes to your personal and professional life!

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more.

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more. Including unique t-shirts, dresses, bags and artworks. All in one website with free shipping worldwide! is the exclusive online art gallery and home décor online store where items were designed by artist QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez. You can get all your home decorating needs in one place without worrying the shipping fee. You can collect all her original art pieces and open editions from your comfort zone in just few clicks. All original artworks will be shipped straight from the country of exhibition with free shipping worldwide. Home décor on QueenNoble is not your usual home decoration items. Every items were designed by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez exclusively made from handmade paintings turned to manipulated photos to make stunning designs for every home décor items such as the rugs, lamps, wall decors and more. Of course the original artworks of QueenNoble are all available to every collectors who collect only original artworks. The prints are premium quality, framed and ready to hang for everyone’s convenience. Rugs, lamps, pillows and others are designed by QueenNoble, and then manufactured by partnered companies in Europe and in The United States.

The artist And Designer QueenNoble

Dr. Elle Ramirez also known as QueenNoble is an American international fine arts artist, designer, sculptor, photographer and an author. Dr. Ramirez creates rare textured and embossed abstract artworks from wall sculptures to embossed paintings. Her career began from year 2006 up to this present day. (See Wikipedia.)

QueenNoble is known for her textured and embossed abstract artworks mimicking planets, natural stones and rocks, abstract engraved portraits, several monochromatic and vivid concepts.

“Live Minimal” is one of QueenNoble’s art books released year 2021. (See Google Scholar Books)

QueenNoble is also an author of several mental health books like “Quarantine: The Challenges During Quarantine and How to Keep Our Sanity”. QueenNoble is also the author of the Novel called, “The Cart Season 1”. (See more on Amazon)

One Of A Kind Products You Can Buy On QueenNoble

One of a kind luxury collectibles with certificate. Unique items designed and curated by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez are now available on the official website. One collectible is to one collector or owner. Collectibles can be a wallet, bag, a piece of art, a furniture, a dress or a shirt and more. A first come first served basis. Handmade with love and attention. Own something that no one has in the entire world. Only on QueenNoble. What will you get on the top of that? You will receive a certificate of authenticity upon receiving your item. Free shipping worldwide. Free repair and replacement in case of a major manufacture error. Most items are handmade and are genuine leather so slight imperfections are visible which are the signs of most genuine leathers in the market. Varieties of items and vast selections although items are very quick to be sold.

Who does not want a one of a kind item? It is really disliked to run to someone with the same exact dress in an occasion or a business meeting! Now on QueenNoble not only original hand-painted artworks are available now you get to wear an art yourself anywhere and anytime. Display a furniture or a décor and be asked by a friend or a colleague, “Where can I buy one?” and of course the answer is “You can’t buy that in the market.” Because It is only one!

What happens after you buy a one of a kind on QueenNoble? The price increases yearly for 10 years. What an investment for yourself or a luxurious lifetime gift for a special someone!

From the author’s words:

If you are a collector and a shopper, QueenNoble is definitely where to go specially if you are looking for unique designer’s décor such as rugs, comforters, bags, wall art etc. A lot of selections to choose from. The designs are contemporary and modern. In one look you know where the products are from since you can only find them on The processes are also very convenient and shipping is fast worldwide.

I bought a one of a kind bag. When I received it it came with an envelope consisting the certificate. The leather bag is stunning. Fast shipping and free delivery. They also offer free repair in case there is a manufacturer error for free.

Note also that if you are a merchant you can sign up on their trading program. There is a 15-30% commission. Less work for you all you do is share the url of the product and your designated coupon code which you’ll receive when you sign up and you get paid everytime someone uses your coupon code. Sound interesting right? Copy code, share url and code on your social media and earn as you go.

QueenNoble is also on Saatchiart, Artmajeur, Singulart Galleries. On QueenNoble’s original artworks, all artworks with certificate of authenticity will be shipped straight to the collector from the current exhibited country and also free shipping worldwide.

What are anti-ligature blinds?

Anti-ligature blinds are becoming increasingly popular in a range of different settings. The way these blinds differ from traditional blinds is that they are designed to prevent suicide by hanging.

Initially, uptake for this type of blind was largely restricted to high-risk environments such as psychiatric hospitals and prisons, where suicide is common. In mental health environments and detention centres, suicide via hanging is common and preventative measures must be implemented. A huge range of objects could be used to create a ligature point, meaning anti-ligature systems are highly important.

Over the years, anti-ligature blinds have been supplied to hospitals, schools, student accommodation and even hotels.

How do they work?

There are a range of different systems on the market, but the most reliable could well be the magnetic anti-ligature system. YewdaleKestrel® products utilise load release magnets which separate when a downward force is exerted on the product. This means that the product falls to the ground safely and prevents suicide via hanging.

The magnetic systems used in Yewdale’s products are highly reliable because magnets don’t lose their strength for hundreds of years, guaranteeing a lifetime of lifesaving functionality.

Anti-ligature blinds usually have a magnetic connection point above the blind’s barrel. The blind is easy to reconnect to the magnetic bracket after it has fallen to the floor.

If you are considering an anti-ligature blind, Yewdale is a highly recommended company. Based in the UK, Yewdale produce a wide range of anti-ligature products, commercial blinds, and healthcare products including hospital cubicle tracks and medical curtains.

Yewdale produce other anti-ligature products too including a soft, lightweight en-suite door and other accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holder, shelves and artwork. You can see the full range on the website using the link below.

10 Unsafe Symptoms of Cell Phones Usage on Teens

10 Unsafe Symptoms of Cell Phones Usage on Teens

Over and wrong utilization of PDAs can harm mental as well as actual health. Parents might consider giving their teens cell phones for security motivations. Be that as it may, the conceivable abuse and opposite symptoms of cell phones on young people are not obscure. While it effectively is mindful of your kid’s whereabouts, taking into account its antagonistic consequences for teens is significant. As indicated by a review led by the Seat Exploration Center, around 785 of all youngsters between ages 12 and 17 have cell phones (1). It is a typical sight these days to see a gathering of youngsters standing together yet having no discussion and being engaged with themselves. Teens utilize their cell phones to call their folks and do other great and awful things. Around one of every four teens approach the web, definitely more than grown-ups. Look at the post to know whether cells are great for teenagers, the adverse consequences of PDAs, and tips on the safe use of cell phones.

Impacts Of Cell Phones On Youngsters

There is no question that a cell phone is a convenient device. It facilitates correspondence with partners, companions, and family members. However, every innovation that gives such advantages comes with a bunch of adverse consequences. The effect of cell phones on youth and society is tremendous. This region requires consideration when you are giving your high schooler a phone. This is the way PDAs influence, teens.

Teen tendonitis (TTT)
Abundance generation of messages can prompt High schooler Tendonitis (TTT). It causes torment in the hands, back, and neck because of the unfortunate stance. As per a five-year partner study, extreme phone use is known to bring about outer muscle problems, for example, tendonitis and first carpometacarpal joint pain in the lower arm and thumb.

Having a mobile phone will entice your high schooler to go the entire day talking or messaging as opposed to doing useful things. Studies have demonstrated that youngsters who invest a lot of their energy in their cells are more inclined to pressure, uneasiness, and melancholy. Research has additionally tracked down that extreme utilization of cell phones might bring about an expanded gamble of emotional well-being issues.

Sleep misfortune
Most teenagers keep their phones close by while resting to answer messages and calls and stay reachable nonstop. This might prompt rest interference and disturbance. Investigations have discovered that young people who use cell phones after the lights out experience expanded sluggishness. Additionally, undergrads who use phones after the beginning of rest are accounted for to be alert an extra 46 minutes out of every week.

Adolescents will quite often go to calls and text while driving, which is demonstrated to be risky. As indicated by the Places for Infectious prevention and Counteraction (CDC), adolescents are bound to be diverted more than drivers of some other age. Thus, utilizing a mobile phone while driving ought to be a severe no.

Depending on messaging as an essential method of correspondence can increment uneasiness in youngsters. Messaging is right away satisfying, yet it likewise creates tension. The moment answered by a companion can give pleasure and euphoria. However, if there should be an occurrence of deferred reaction or no reaction, this equivalent joy can transform into disillusionment. Likewise, mobile phone habit can transform into a fixation to promptly take a look at messages and answer. It might likewise increment tension by making a deception that they had gotten a message in any event, when there was no message, making them regularly look at their telephones (3).

Hazard of malignant growth
Despite the fact that there’s no obvious proof of the connection between wireless use and disease, there are a few measurably huge relationships in certain individuals. Information gathered from five European nations have shown an expanded gamble of acoustic neuroma in people who utilized a cell for at least ten years.

Despite the fact that there is no unmistakable examination supporting the gamble of malignant growth and cell utilization, it is said to have a wide scope of well-being impacts.

As indicated by a review led on 13-18-year-olds by Cox Interchanges, 15% of kids had been cyberbullied on the web, 10% had been cyberbullied by cell, and 5% had cyberbullied someone else through a phone.

As indicated by a review, cyberbullying makes young people miserable and reluctant to go to class. This study has likewise observed that youngsters who are cyberbullied have a higher gamble of psychosomatic issues, for example, incessant migraines, issues nodding off, a higher pace of tension, and depression.

Cyberbullying is considerably more challenging to recognize than actual harassment as it will in general be more imperceptible. Additionally, the culprits can take cover behind the obscurity presented by the web.

Bogus distinction
The most recent advancements in cells have made it simple for youngsters to get any data. The majority of the things projected via online entertainment and the Web may not be exact, yet teens who are innocent (at their age) could view them in a serious way and get impacted. This could lead them to live in a dreamland and foster bogus renown. Some may likewise turn to wrongdoings to satisfy their dreams.

Steady utilization of phones may likewise cause weight in young people. As indicated by a review led by Harvard T.H Chan School of General Wellbeing, youngsters who spend more hours daily on phones are bound to become stout. The concentrate further says that youngsters who spend over five hours daily before screens are 43% bound to get less rest or exercise, bringing about weight

Vision issues
Expanded utilization of mobile phones is said to cause vision issues in young people. According to a review led by 30 clinical understudies, 83% of them were found to have wireless vision conditions. The side effects incorporate pressure, redness, consuming sensation, obscured vision, and dry eyes.

Over-the-top use of mobile phones outperforms their value and makes new issues for young people. While you may not prevent your teen from utilizing a mobile phone, it is feasible to restrict the use by laying out some guidelines.

Prior to giving wireless to your youngster, ensure they know about the focuses underneath.

Tips On Safe Use Of Cells For Youngsters

Cells are staying put, basically not at any point in the near future. Along these lines, you want to show your adolescents about cell phone security and how to dependably utilize it. They additionally need to have concurred limits for cell phone use. Here are far to stay away from the antagonistic impacts of cellphones on youngsters:

Complete weight loss strategy

For those who want to lose weight

Research on the causes of obesity, knowledge about weight loss, and various diets for weight loss are updated every year. However, with the update of knowledge and the release of diet pills one after another, the obesity rate continues to rise every year, and there is no sign of wanting to decline. I used to be very, very fat, and I am also a person who is prone to obesity.

So I understand the voices of fat people, I really want to lose weight, but I tried many ways to lose weight at that time without success.

I have tried the common boiled meals on the market, eating less and moving more, but it was not until I tried other diets that I managed to lose weight. After I lost weight, I began to study the essence and method of losing weight, and wrote him in this weight loss strategy article, hoping to help you.

A few key myths about losing weight

The weight loss myth of eating less and moving more

The phrase “eat less and move more” is actually true, but most people do it wrong. Many people think that they should eat less of everything, so they limit their calories to a very low level, and it feels a bit like eating an ultra-low-calorie fairy meal. Then, for the hyperactive part, the first thing that everyone thinks of is aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, etc., but in fact, this is a very short-term and easy way to regain weight, mainly because eating too little is an easy way to lose weight. The reason for the loss of muscle mass, coupled with the fact that aerobic training is not helpful for muscle mass growth, causes the metabolism to drop too much.

Maybe you can lose 5 kilograms in this way, but if your metabolism declines, you will easily regain the weight. And it’s all the fat that gets back up, not the muscle you lose that makes you look fatter than before. This is what we call the yo-yo effect, lose weight, get fat back, get fatter than before, lose weight, get back on Fat, get fatter than before.

Stop taking diet pills and meal replacements

At this time, you may start to seek other ways, eat weight loss meal replacements, taking diet pills, and so on. But believe me, most diet pills will inevitably hurt the body, especially the gastrointestinal tract. You may actually lose weight in the moment, but when your gastrointestinal tract is damaged, you will be fatter than before.

The key to understanding how to lose weight

You must have thought, why some people will not gain weight no matter what they eat, while some people will gain a kilogram the next day after eating a little bread? What is the cause of obesity? This is not a simple answer that can be solved!

You can see the link to the picture below, mainly talking about the influencing factors of obesity, which are very, very complicated.

Image source:

In the middle of this picture is the heat balance

So we can know that calorie balance is very important

But this article doesn’t keep preaching that calorie balance is the key to losing weight like other sites

If you don’t know what calorie balance is, you can probably imagine that our body has calorie consumption (exercise, thermogenesis, basal metabolism), and calorie intake (eating).

When calorie consumption exceeds calorie intake, the weight will drop, so the truth of weight loss is to eat less and move more, very simple. In the short term, it is really possible to simply achieve weight loss by eating less and moving more, but simplicity is not simple, because the operation of the body is very complicated. Many people think that they can control their calorie consumption, that they can achieve a lot of calorie expenditure by running all the time, and that eating fairy meals (low-calorie meals) can reduce calorie intake and then easily lose it.

However, according to research, 90% of people who use calorie control, eat less and move more to lose weight will fail or regain the weight.

Because eating less and moving more for too long, metabolism will easily drop, hormones will easily become imbalanced, and muscle mass will easily be lost. Even if you lose 10 kilograms, you will easily regain weight.

When losing weight, the body is like a factory

For me, the key to long-term weight loss and maintaining good posture is the environment in the body, such as hormones, the level of inflammation in the body, and the gastrointestinal system.

Think of the body as a factory

-Your hormones are the managers and workers of factory operations

-Inflamed condition is how good factory machinery and hardware are

-Calorie intake is wages for factories as well as fuel

If the manager of this factory is an idiot, or if the hardware in your factory is completely rotten, then no matter how it works, it will create a pile of waste. Just as our hormones are already out of balance and the level of inflammation in the body is very high, no matter how much you eat, if you don’t solve the existing problems, it will easily accumulate into fat. It may be easier to understand with a few examples.

Hormones vs Weight Loss

This study looked at the effects of sleep and weight loss

Research source:

Both groups of humans were calorie-restricted, but one group slept 5.5 hours a night and the other 8.5 hours. Both groups lost weight, but the group that slept less lost 55 percent less body fat and 65 percent more muscle mass than the group that slept more. It is equivalent to losing weight, but most of the loss is muscle mass, which reduces metabolism and makes it easy to regain weight later.

There is such a big difference mainly because poor sleep has a negative impact. The imbalance of the secretion of these things will easily increase fat and reduce muscle.

This next study looks at the effect of insulin sensitivity on body composition!

Research source:

Basically, many chronic metabolic diseases, obesity, and poor muscle-building effects are closely related to low insulin sensitivity. Insulin is an anti-catabolic hormone whose main function is to store nutrients in cells. For example, after heavy training, our muscles will be more sensitive to insulin, and the nutrients we eat will be more easily absorbed into the muscles. When insulin sensitivity is low, the nutrients we eat are more likely to be stored as fat rather than absorbed into muscles.

We can simply say that the nutrients in the food eaten by people who are insulin insensitive are more likely to be stored as fat, and the relative fat mass will be much higher than the muscle mass.

To put it simply, the key to losing weight is actually to improve hormones, improve inflammation in the body, and add an appropriate calorie deficit. It is not difficult to achieve a calorie deficit. What is more difficult is how to choose the type of food that suits your body to improve hormones and achieve a long-term good body.

If you only pursue short-term weight loss and rely on a lot of calorie deficits to achieve the effect of weight loss, and then the hormones are still the same after the loss, then I can guarantee that you will gain weight very easily.

With so many ways to eat on the internet, which diet should I try?

When talking about losing weight in Taiwan 30 years ago, everyone would definitely want to use boiled meals

When it came to losing weight five years ago, everyone might think of using a low-sugar diet. When it came to losing weight in the past two or three years, everyone might directly think of the ketogenic diet.

I lost 30kg in 3 months on a low-sugar diet myself for the first time, so I used to believe that a low-sugar diet was the best way to lose weight

But after my long-term understanding of weight loss-related research, genetic cognition, and observation of students, there is no diet that is most suitable for everyone! Although it is said that high-carbohydrate foods will most stimulate insulin secretion, which in turn promotes the storage of nutrients into fat, some people are naturally good at metabolizing carbohydrates, so they can still be healthy and strong after eating high-carbohydrate throughout their lives.

For example, this study compared the responses of people with high and low insulin sensitivity to high- and low-carb diets.

Research source:

The study concluded:

-For people with high insulin sensitivity, eating high-carb and low-fat to lose weight is very helpful

-However, people who are insulin insensitive use a high-carb low-fat diet to lose fat, but the weight loss effect is not so good.

But on the contrary, studies have also shown that people with low insulin sensitivity have a very good weight loss effect on a low-carb high-fat diet, which shows that improving insulin is very important for weight loss, and it also shows that people with insulin insensitivity are more suitable

Lose weight with a high-carb diet.

So if you have been obese for a long time, you know that you eat carbohydrates easily, or you know that you have diabetes in your family and want to lose fat, then I would suggest that you can start by reducing carbohydrates, which is what we call low carb diet!